Getting started

The WriteBackExtreme extension supports three basic types of write back mechanisms. You can choose the module(s) you need to solve your use cases, and expand when you have the urge for other modules. The basic write back scenario’s are DATA HELPER, ADD DATA and DATA CORRECTION with a brief description below. The WBE extension also uses Templates based on one of these basic modules. Templates are presets that are designed for a specific use case laike Collaboration / Annotation.


Data Helper

Are you in need of a Helper table in your Tableau dashboards to store data and Join/Blend back in your Dashboard? This module is your solution. For example if you want to offer custom date periods or a list of internal codes which need to be managed on a regular basis. Use the Data Helper module to eliminate Excel sheets floating around in your organisation and stop manual uploading and integration of your missing tables.

Add Data

Add data to visuals on a summary data level. Create dynamic forms to enable unlimited possibilities. You can use the Add Data module for example to add targets on a month level while the underlying data exists of millions of rows. The Add Data module works great with the new Tableau Relationships. Of course you can also use blending and joining to display the Added data in your Tableau Dashboards.


The Collaboration template is a part of the Add Data module. It allows you to create annotations and comments on marks in your visualizations from within your dashboard. Consequently, this improves the collaboration in dashboards and makes it highly efficient. Keep track of your expert annotations and conversations on your most valuable assets.

Data Correction

Display an inline editable table with powerful tools like bulk-edit, interpolation and much more. Use selections in your Tableau Dashboard to filter the data you want to correct, change, add or remove. You can use Data Corrections for a lot of use cases like correcting wrong or missing sensor data, typo corrections in a dimension and other data quality related challenges.

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