These requirements are for all operating systems.

Each operating system can have different requirements:

Software/Hardware Requirements

  • Minimum hardware requirements:

    • 4 (v)CPU, processing power

    • 8Gb RAM

    • 50Gb application disk space

    • 100Mbps or 1Gbps network-interface

  • Temporary Internet Access for downloading missing component

Network requirements

Firewall rules allow access to the port where the application will run. This applies to both internal and external networks, as well as server firewalls.

Ensure a valid web domain is available for the WritebackExtreme application to serve and distribute its content. When selecting a domain, it's important to consider how the application will be made available:

  • Only within the internal/company network. This could be the machine/server name. The network DNS server will handle the request internally.

  • Customers/users can use the WritebackExtreme application outside of the network. A web domain, for example, <> (create a DNS entry) which points to the host of WriteBackExtreme.p

When using a network/internal domain, the traffic of WritebackExtreme is available exclusively within the network (e.g., via VPN). Users outside the network cannot access the WritebackExtreme application.

Database Credentials

Access to a running database is required. Supported databases include:

  • SQL Server, minimal version 2016 or newer

  • MySQL, min. version 5.7 or higher

  • PostgreSQL

  • SQLite

We are supporting more databases! These databases are supported for storing our configuration and user data.

SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates are optional unless you're not running the system behind a proxy/load-balancer.

We support the following SSL certificates:

  • Using a .key and .cer certificate via the public keys method.

  • Using a .pfx Windows-style certificate.

Please note that Tableau requires extensions to be running on HTTPS/SSL connection and therefore required!

License Requirement

A valid License for WritebackExtreme. The license can be found in our portal.

Installation files

One-Click Executable files for easy installation. These files can be downloaded via our portal.

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